Meditation Programmes

Ti Ratana Community Centre in Sri Lanka, conducts guided meditation classes, mainly for layman, who interested in practicing Buddhist meditation in a peaceful environment.

Why Meditation

Because it helps to manage stress, which has become a serious health concern in modern society, due to its hectic pace, and our inability to cope with it. Stressful life makes us unhappy, tired, impatient, and lead us to face more and more complex problems, that can be mental, physical and emotional depressed.

Meditation makes us relaxed and our minds calmer and more focused. Even a simple breathing meditation can help us to overcome stress, as it helps to understand our own mind and transform our negative attitudes to positive, disturbed mind to be peaceful, and un-happiness to be happy. Overcoming negative minds and cultivating constructive thoughts are the purpose of Buddhist meditations. This is a profound spiritual practice one can enjoy throughout the day, not just while seated during meditation.

Our Programmes

One Day Meditation Program

Meditation under Ti Ratana Community Centre presently conducts, one day and three day programs. One Day program is more suitable for novices as it starts with introduction to Buddhism, theory and practice meditation, and continue with question and answer session. Program starts at 8.30 amand ends at 4.30pm. Guided meditational retreats are conducted both in Sinhala and English languages.

We also conduct 3 hour program on 1st Sunday of every month from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

3- Day Meditation Program

3 – Day Meditation Program is composed of short daily lessons, organized over 3 days. Each with its own unique themes, goals, and insights. The program is self-paced, and techniques are presented in a way that both secular and spiritually minded people can get connected. No particular belief or worldview is required for following the lessons.

Each day opens with an inspiring quote, followed with a daily lesson, and finally further resources are provided to deepen one’s knowledge and clear any doubts.


During retreat participants are served with food and refreshments prepared in house, with organic vegetables and fruits. Meals are based on an Ayurvedic diet that has all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy body and mind. Environment is serene, and surrounding garden is suitable for walking meditation, and relaxation, and has facilities to enhance ones knowledge in Buddhist philosophy and meditation in a simple manner.

Further details could be made available on request.


Meditation programs held at Ti – Ratana Community Centre, on a three storied building which has a computer lab, library and a conference hall with all facilities to house more than 500 people, 22 rooms that includes office, meditation rooms, a kitchen, and sanitary facilities.

There are total 15 luxury and semi luxury A/C and non A/C rooms on 2nd floor exclusively for both local and foreign attendees of the program. All the rooms are equipped with hot water, an attached bathroom and kitchenette.

Standard Rooms

Deluxe VIP Rooms

This spacious room decorated in vibrant colors, with four beds, a spacious desk, a spacious closet.
Elegantly appointed rooms will suite your needs without compromising comfort or convenience with double bed, a spacious desk, phone facility, a spacious closet.

Luxury Rooms

To ensure our guests the finest in Colombo City accommodation our luxury suit include spacious room with a desk, Direct phone facility, spacious closet, comfortable twin beds, mini refrigerator.
Wireless Internet access is provided and television.