About Us

Ti-Ratana Community Centre is a charitable and not for-profit organization established in 2014, under the able guidance of The Most Venerable K. Sri Dhammarathana Nayaka Thero, Chief Buddhist High Priest of Malaysia. It is also registered as a non Governmental Organization under the Ministry of Defense& Urban Development vide approval letter no L- 150604 of 03.09.2014


To empower economically and socially less privileged rural community to enjoy quality of life.


In attaining the vision of Ti-Rathana Community Centre, it intends to create equal opportunities for children in low income groups, to become educated, healthy, and socially responsible citizens of the country, and to ensure well being amongst the, Senior Citizens/ Elders, who have been neglected or become helpless, whilst making awareness amongst specially children, how to lead a happy and contended life by adhering to teaching of Lord Buddha.


Ti-Ratana Community Centre is a charitable organization established in 2014 and registered under the Ministry of Defense & Urban Development.


The Ti-Ratana Community Centre would like to invite local and foreign devotees to visit Sri Lanka and stay at the Centre and take part in meditation and other cultural activities offered here that are of interest to the devotee. Funds raised will be used to continue to provide free education to the current 400+ underprivileged children attending classes at the Centre and contribute to the running of other numerous charitable services offered.

Enclosed is a brief outline of what we can provide to make your stay at our Centre a fulfilling, relaxing, one of a kind soul enriching experience.


The Ti-Ratana Community Centre is the perfect place for you to stay during your holiday getaway in Sri Lanka. We strive to give you the best possible all-encompassing cultural, spiritual, adventurous and memorable experience.


We are ideally located on Horahena Road in Pannipitiya, a short distance from theSuthernhighway and the city.


The main Community Centre is a three storied building with 34,000 Square feet, which has a computer lab, a library, and a conference hall with all facilities to house more than 500 people, 22 rooms that function as offices, a meditation room, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. Additionally there are 15 Bedrooms on the 2nd floor exclusively for both local and foreign devotees.


The Centre offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Taxis are easily available for transportation within the city. City buses stop only a short stop from the site.


Meditation, Religious studies, cooking classes, gardening, local village tours and various activities are available for all our guests. Furthermore, you are able to volunteer and take part in our various charitable initiatives detailed below.

Charitable Services

    • Education- Assist deserving students financially, or otherwise, to continue their education.
    • For school leavers- Capacity building amongst under privileged, school leavers, by providing vocational, in various skills, for them to find suitable employment.
    • For schools- Improve facilities especially educational or other wise of schools in remote villages, wherever possible.
    • Foreign languages- Provide facilities for education in the field of computer and foreign languages.
    • Buddhist practices- Promote facilities for practicing meditation and create awareness amongst youth, how to apply Buddhist practices to improve the quality of life.
    • Flood Donation Campaign 2016 Flood Donation Campaign 2016
  • New Year Celebration School item donation campaign


Our organic garden provides fresh organic fruit and vegetables that is used in all our meals provided. The Centre has a beautifully landscaped garden surrounded by an array of coconut trees and other tropical shrub, a truly serene and peaceful environment.

Services Provided

The Ti-Ratana Centre offers the following services to our guests:

  • Housekeeping
  • Unless you hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door, your room will be inspected and tidied twice a day (turn-down service in the evenings).
  • Laundry, Ironing or Clothing Repair
  • Our housekeeping staff will help keep your clothes looking their best.
  • Hi-speed Internet and Wireless Connection
  • The internet is always available for your use anywhere on the Centre property.

Concierge Service

Need to rent a car, find a travel agent or need any advice? Stop at our front desk and we’re there to assist you.

All day Room Service

We have room service available from 6am to midnight. Just call the front desk and order any item from the room service menu conveniently located in your room.